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The Olde Engine Works, circa 1910

The Olde Engine Works, circa 1910

The Olde Engine Works has a long, rich history.

Prior to its present use, the Olde Engine Works Antiques Marketplace began operating as a machine shop in 1903.

In the early years, they built large steam powered hoists that were used for bridge building, quarrying & many other heavy industry applications.

During WWII, they built hoists that were used to load & unload the Liberty Ships.

After the war, the principal operation developed into building winches for Shrimp Boats. These hoists are used to pull in the nets and you will find Stroudsburg Engine Works hoists on boats all over the world.

For many years, if you built a shrimp boat, you put a Stroudsburg Hoist on it! Winch production ended in 1989 & the business continued as a machine shop until November 1992. It was at this point that the facility was converted into an antique marketplace.

When OEW Antiques Marketplace originally opened (April 1993) we had 14 dealers. Presently, we have nearly 100 residing within our 22,000 sq-ft, main building.

They display a wide variety of unique items with something for any budget or penchant, and dealers are always on hand to answer questions or offer assistance while you shop.

Inventory changes frequently, so be sure to stop in and browse; you might find that perfect gift, or treasure of your own.

In 2018, the Olde Engine Works celebrated its 25th year as an Antique & Collectibles co-op, and entered the new year under new ownership, with the same mission.

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